10 Care Tips for Hair Extensions

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Buying extensions is a decision we all made or tried to make at one point. Taking good care of your extensions after you finally bought them is more important than the actual purchase. Here are a 10 tips to help you maintain their fresh look:

• Brushing your extensions regularly with a soft bristle brush will help de-tangle your hair without tearing it off. Start at the bottom and work your way to the top, detangling bit by bit. Avoid pulling and be patient to prevent breakage and frizz.

• After you de-tangle, wash them carefully with a mild shampoo. Start rinsing at the top and work your way to the bottom. Don’t lather like you would with natural hair and in case of knots, use a large tooth comb. If you don’t want to remove your extensions while you shower, tilt your head back instead of forward over the sink. That way water will flow from top to bottom.

• Moisturize those locks with a good leave in conditioner. Use a spray conditioner rather than a cream to avoid tangling, and don’t use too many products to avoid the hair getting dirty faster than normal.

• Let them air dry. Overnight is your safest bet.

• Use low heat. Don’t over-do it with blow dryers if you want to keep your extensions fresh and breakage- free.

• Store with care. Place them in an air-tight container after you wash and dry them. Hang them rather than folding them into a drawer.

• Pull them back in a ponytail when going to sleep, or high up when exercising to avoid exposure to sweat.

• Avoid excessive sun exposure. When visiting the beach/ pool, wear a swimming cap. If not, apply protective serum on your hair before you go swimming.

• Avoid alcohol based products that will make your hair limp and dry. Alcohol based products also tend to fade away shine and enhance tangling.

• Visit your stylist regularly for advice on how to care for your extensions. Also go for the occasional salon treatment and give your hair some attention.