10 ways to get rid of Dark Under-eye Circles

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Haven’t been able to sleep lately? Does your concealer fail to hide those dark under eye circles every time? Dark under eye circles are usually accompanied with puffiness under your eyes that make you look tired and worn out. The skin under the eyes is the thinnest compared to the rest of your skin that’s why it’s prone to dryness. Here are 10 steps for you to follow to reduce this puffiness and those panda eyes:

1. Recognize the root of the problem. If you have been sleeping and hydrating enough and still have panda eyes, find out why you’re getting them because some causes of dark circles and puffiness are treatable and some aren’t(like the genetic factor for example).

2. Limit the intake of sugar, salty foods and alcohol which cause edema by retaining water and as a result swelling or puffs under eyes.

3. Drink plenty of water. Any skin problem is usually resolved by drinking 8 cups of water daily since mainly all skin conditions arise from dehydrated skin.

4. Apply cool compresses like cucumber slices, wet cotton balls, tea bags or a cold washcloth which decrease the swelling by constricting blood vessels in that area.

5. Home remedies like coffee cottons (dip some cotton balls in coffee and apply them under your eyes) or yeast cotton balls also help in reducing the swelling. Also the herb eyebright can decrease under eye problems.

6. Remove eye makeup every night with an eye makeup remover using soft cotton pads and gently wipe it off in circular dabbing motion. Don’t use waterproof mascara. If its waterproof it will demand excessive cleaning to remove and so the pulling and rubbing of that skin area will contribute to wrinkles and puffiness.

7. Do not use face moisturizers containing humectants (glycerin, glycol and glycerol) around the eye area it will increase swelling of that area by retaining water in it. Instead, before you hit the covers moisturize your face and eye area with any moisturizer that contains these skin treats Shea butter, Avocado oil and Coenzyme Q10.

8. Get some sleep. 8 hours of sleep is enough to help with the dark circles and puffiness. To get good sleep, don’t have dinner immediately before going to bed; it’s preferred to eat 3 hours before sleeping to catch the deepest sleep.

9. Eat right and take your vitamins. One of the reasons for dark circles is leaky blood vessels. Specific antioxidants, like those found in citrus fruits and passion flowers have been shown to support blood vessel strength and improve circulation. You can find nutritional supplements and a good eye contour gel that contains those antioxidants. Try to incorporate Iron in your diet as it also plays a role in the causes of dark circles.

10. Use eye cream or eye gel that contains vitamin E-K, Haloxyl and Eyeliss. These peptide based ingredients have been proven to be the most effective based on several clinical trials to increase skin growth. Stay away from paraffin wax and liquid paraffin which make the product easier to apply but help in pulling the skin below your eyes.

Remember the eyes are the windows to your soul so don’t neglect them.