10 ways to tighten your skin after losing weight

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Losing excess weight can sometimes be the most challenging task. From fighting midnight cravings, to ordering your salad dressing on the side, it is not easy to shed the extra pounds. We think that losing weight stops at the actual weight loss process and we tend to forget all the excess skin left behind, that’s why flabby arms and heavy calves always remain a problem. Here are 10 methods to help you lose the weight and possibly the skin too.

1. Diet right and diet NOW! Once you’ve made up your mind that you want to lose weight, don’t waste time yo-yo dieting. As we get older our skin loses its natural elasticity so the sooner the better. Make permanent lifestyle changes that will not only leave you looking good, but also feeling great.

2. Slow and steady. Losing weight too quickly then gaining it back will only be stressful for your body and skin. Set a monthly target to lose and stick to it; don’t over- diet or over-exercise just to lose it all fast.

3. Collagen creams work wonders if you pick the right product. Search the web for products with highest customer reviews and purchase immediately. As expensive as they may be, sometimes they’re really worth it.

4. Scrub and massage your skin weekly to encourage blood flow and enhance elasticity. Avoid sulfate and alcohol products that leave the skin de-hydrated and less- elastic.

5. Go to the gym. Exercise is the BEST method to tighten your skin and help you build muscles. Even if you don’t have a gym membership, walk around the block for an hour every day, you’ll feel the difference in a couple of weeks. If you do however prefer going to the gym, lift weights. Ask your trainer what weights would be suitable to sculpt your body and stick to a three times a week routine.

6. Drink water. Water promotes healthy skin and elasticity so make sure you get your 8 cups daily.

7. Be patient. Don’t expect over-night results, losing the flabs is actually ten times harder than losing the fat.

8. Practice Yoga. It is ideal for de-stressing, relaxation, flexibility, and of course skin health.

9. Eat right. Lean protein helps build lean muscle which makes the body more toned. The ideal time to consume lean protein is right after your workout. Stay away from fats and carbs if you want to keep the kilos away and eat 5 servings of fruit/ veggies daily to help maintain your weight.

10. Consult your doctor whether it would be smart or not to undergo surgery to remove the excess skin. Do not consider this option until you’ve tried everything else, surgery may seem easy and convenient, but it can have dangerous side effects on your body.