4 Ways To Take Good Care Of Your Clothes

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Owning this designer dress you saved up for, seems like an accomplishment any woman would experience. Problem is, most of our clothes wear out too quickly, before we can fully enjoy them. Taking care of your clothes is just as important as washing them, it’s necessary, hygienic, and makes you feel good.

Step 1: Read the label. The label is there for a reason (other than tickling your sides), it tells you exactly how to wash your item and handle it. Dry clean only means dry clean ONLY, because some fabrics are too delicate to be washed in a washing machine with regular detergents. Cold water, hand washing is preferred with delicates like bras, to avoid misshaping the padding and wiring.

Step 2: Dry with care. The method of drying your clothes has an impact on the final appearance of the garment. Drying on high temperature means dull, faded clothes. Best thing to do is to hang dry your dark colored clothes, preferably not in direct sunlight. Wire hangers are not recommended as they rust and stretch out delicate fabrics.

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A little maintenance, time, and money will certainly pay back on the investment you made in that designer blouse or pants. Just remember, when you treat your clothes right, they’ll make you feel bright!