5 Steps to Get Rid of Your Halloween Makeup

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You went out, had fun, got complimented on your creative, spot-on costume this Halloween, and now the moment of truth is here! That fake blood you went all artistic with last night, just won’t come off. Fear not, ladies! We’ve been there and we’ve done that… Believe it or not, the best way to remove Halloween makeup is by using SHAVING CREAM!! Here’s a step-by-step guide- that we tried- on how to take off all your Halloween makeup in 5 simple steps. Don’t let Halloween defeat you.

  1. First off: baby/ facial wipes. Try to take off as much makeup as you can using the wipes. start from the top down and rub your face in circular motion.
  2. Now that you’ve removed most of your makeup, dab on some makeup remover on the stubborn stains. let it set in for a good minute, then wipe it off a warm washcloth (use one you’re sure to throw away afterwards).
  3. So, you’re left with a pink hue that just won’t rub off. Worry not, this is where the shaving cream comes in. Lather up a Santa beard and face, have fun with the foam, and let it sit for a minute. After you’re done playing, use a facial wash that has microbeads and wash off the cream. make sure you don’t get any in your nose or mouth, and expect A LOT of foam. This is best done in the shower.
  4. By now, most of your Halloween makeup should be gone. For the tiny marks here and there, use a cotton ball soaked in Vaseline or Baby Oil (whichever is available) to rub off the rest.
  5. Last but not least, moisturize and hydrate your skin. That’s the most important step of them all. Give your skin a little TLC before going to bed. WHATEVER YOU DO, DO NOT SLEEP IN YOUR MAKEUP!!

I know this process sounds a little daunting, but it’ll work and your face will thank you for it later. One last thing, a good face prep will avoid all this hassle. By prepping and moisturising your skin one hour BEFORE applying your makeup, you’ll prevent the makeup from settling in your skin cracks. Make sure to always use water-based face color, it’s not as highly pigmented as oil-based, but it’s surely better for your skin. Happy Halloween!