5 Steps to Whiter Nails At Home

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From smoking to nail fungus or even just too much nail polish, our nails can easily become discolored and turn into this unpleasant yellow hue that just won’t go away. Here are 5 remedies that are worth a try to whiten your nails right at home:

  1. Peroxide soak: soaking your nails in a bowl of a 4:1 water- Peroxide (3%) solution for 5 minutes will bleach your nails white.
  2. Peroxide scrub: mix 3% Hydrogen Peroxide with baking soda till you make a paste-like mixture. Leave the mixture on your nails to sit for 3 minutes then wash with warm water. Peroxide soaks and scrubs should not be used frequently, preferably every 6-8 weeks.
  3. Lemon scrub: rub your nails with a juicy lemon which will act as a natural bleaching agent. Make sure you stay away from cuts and nicks on your nail bed (that will just hurt AF).
  4. Toothpaste scrub: whitening toothpaste mixed with baking soda is a natural remedy for whitening your teeth and nails at home. For best results, make sure you scrub away once a week.
  5. Vinegar soak: diluted white vinegar is great for stripping away the yellow stain from your nail bed. Just dilute 1 tbsp of white vinegar with 1 cup of warm water. Soak your nails in for about 8 minutes and rinse.

Most importantly, determine the cause and prevent it. If you’re a heavy smoker, make sure you apply a heavy lotion or Vaseline to your nails before smoking and washing your hands and nails thoroughly after smoking. If you’re suffering from a nail infection/ fungus, you might want to check with a dermatologist on how to resolve this issue. Lastly, if you’re a beauty junkie and like to try on every nail polish brand on the racks, just make sure to apply a base coat first to protect your nails from discoloration.