5 Things That Need to Disappear From The Egyptian Fashion Scene

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What is it with Egyptian women? They see one fashion pin they like on Pinterest and they obsess about it for a whole year. Not only that, they milk it to the very last drop. While Egypt is on the fashion radar at the moment, can we please make sure these 5  fashion faux pas disappear from our fashion scene before it’s too late?

Top to toe Brands:like a walking outlet store, top to toe branded clothes is a phenomenon you’ll only see in Egypt. Whether it’s a monogrammed Micheal Kors bag with matching monogrammed flats and belt, or top to toe Burberry, save yourself the money and our eyes the pain, don’t shower yourself in brands. It doesn’t have to have a big pony on it for it to be fashionable.

(I’d put a picture here but nobody in the world ever does that, except us Egyptians.)


Terter:now we all know that sequins and embroidery are in (especially after the Great Gatsby) but I’m pretty sure Leo Di Caprio would have walked away if he saw Carey Mulligan in a terter dress.


Thick tattooed brows:Am I the only one now with normal human eyebrows? When did this become fashion?


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