5 Ways to Reuse Your Sexy Summer Clothes This Spring

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Winter is almost over and we can’t wait for Spring to bring out our favorite spiked shorts from the back of our closets. Instead of waiting a few more months for summer season to start, let’s try to re-invent our winter/ spring outfits using our old summer tops by following these tips:


The best item to help you re-use shorts or skirts is of course leggings. They come in prints, metallics, and different fabrics, so just throw on a pair of leggings, you favorite shorts, and a pair of boots to get the winter look. For extra warmth, wear two leggings on top of each other or leggings on tights.

Cover ups:

By using heavy coats, cute cardigans, and jumpers, wear your favorite tank top this winter without feeling cold. For extra warm up, wear a thermal top underneath it.


Is key when mixing and matching clothes. Buy some long sleeved shirts in solid colors and wear them beneath shorter shirts for a layering effect. The more the layers, the sexier the look.

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