Cairo Fashion Festival Returns For a Sixth Season

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We’ve been around for half a decade now and after giving you the best of five fashion seasons, we’re more than honored to announce Cairo Fashion Festival (CFF) is returning yet again for the 6th and biggest season on May 27th 2016! We have tailored a whole new fashion experience to continue our celebration of cultural diversity through the art of fashion.

Keeping up with our tradition, yet keeping it a bit different this year, we will be making our return to the stages of Cairo Festival City Mall with a surprising twist. To make sure we are giving you the best of both worlds, our afternoon will be starting with a casual wear opening at 05:00 PM, so feel free to get in your comfiest high-street fashion and then, our evening will go in full force with evening gowns and haute couture.

To make sure our retailers, designers, and media are kept in the loop of the global fashion trends, we have partnered up with Huawei to help showcase the unique designs while offering retail space during and after the show. Get your tickets today at