Drugstore Makeup Haul

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Hey guys! Oh, how much I’ve missed you all! The reason I’ve been away, as per usual, was because of school and all that jazz, you know how it is… I’ve been wanting to write a new post for a while now, so I decided to just go for it. I wanted this post to be sweet and simple so I figured what better than a big drugstore makeup haul.
I bought these products over the span of a month, and tested them out to see how they run-up against their more expensive counter-parts. Aahh, the feeling of fresh makeup products…
First things first, my most coveted products, The NYX soft matte lip creams. The shades (left to right) are: London, Istanbul, San Paulo, Transylvania. I’ve heard the best reviews about these liquid lipsticks and everyone seems to adore them, and so when I finally got my hands on them, I felt like a little kid on Christmas Eve. Everyone was right, these lip creams are amazing! The color pay-off is fantastic, the texture of the lip cream is hydrating,  and the wide range of shades is of course an added plus. Honestly, I have nothing bad to say about these so far. I will be doing a more in-depth review with swatches soon, so stay tuned. Along with the lip creams, I got this NYX retractable lip liner in the shade MPL01 Natural which is great for the perfect nude lip that will stay put ALL NIGHT!
NYX- drugstore makeup haul
Next up, I bought this mascara and blush from Wet n Wild. The Megalength Waterproof Mascara and the Color Icon blusher in Heather Silk are great picks. Wet n Wild are known for their highly-pigmented blushes and how well they spread, so dab on as much as you want. They’re great products to use on everyday makeup looks.
Wet N wild drugstore haul
Sort of saved the best for last here, with this Jordana Best Lash Extreme volumizing mascara. I was so excited when I found this, I know KathleenLights on YouTube loves this and I’ve heard lots of people talk about how it’s a cost-effective product. And they’re right! It’s a great mascara and gives heaps of volume and length, and it won’t cost you a fortune. I love this and I’ll definitely be repurchasing it!
Drugstore makeup haul
So that’s all for this haul, I’m so happy with everything I got since they’re all working great so far! I hope you guys enjoyed reading this and maybe added a thing or two onto your own wishlist! Thanks for stopping by!