Fashion Zone Cairo Couture Collections: Fashion Meets Luxury Car

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FASHION ZONE EGYPT along with PORSCHE CENTRE EGYPT have partnered together and with us only, to bring you this unbelievable event: Season #3 of FASHION ZONE CAIRO COUTURE COLLECTIONS.
Forget other official international fashion showcases; this is the only one you need to take note of and witness.
CAIRO COUTURE COLLECTIONS Powered by PORSCHE CENTRE EGYPT will be all about luxury: motors and fashion combined depicting the perfect lavish lifestyle of the fashion obsessed. The excessive affair will be full of busy with a fine lineup of designers to tease you with.
The lineup of designers will reveal their collections to the guest-list only event, for the diehard fashionistas to revel in: bringing with it a whole new level of style, standards, and sharpness.
Porsche will play the leading role within the fashion fueled affair, adding core strength; evoking confidence for the real, raw and racy! With Fashion Zone’s passion for the upmost, finest designers and their amazing events combined with Porsches global presence and perfection means one thing: flawlessness.
We are here to push the boundaries of fashion, luxury, concepts and above all standards: finally putting Cairo on the international fashion platform: competing with confidence.
Want to know WHO OUR amazing designers are, for the jam-packed fashion affair? Let alone the front-row or specifically the gossip.
Then stay tuned as the epic story continues to unravel; revealing all!

CONFIRMED DATE: Saturday 21st May
Porsche Motors (SMG Automotive Co.)
Capital Business Park: building #B7, Sheikh Zayed, 6 October City.