Get the Pinterest Look

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I’m a Pinterest girl. I’m the one that’s usually actually trying all the DIY pins at home and telling my friends about them. When it comes to fashion, nothing beats Pinterest! So, when I came across this pin I thought, we can remake that. Now, ASOS doesn’t carry the same exact coat, but it’s pretty close. HYG!

From left to right:

Asos Floral Printed Coat: 90 GBP (currently out of stock)

Studio 4 London Kimono Coat in Embroidered Floral Fabric with Slant Pockets: 87 GBP

Finders Keepers Bomber Jacket in Ombre Floral: 77 GBP

ASOS PENSIVE Pointed High Heels: 21 GBP

ASOS PETITE Leather Look Leggings: 18 GBP

ASOS Jumper With Denim Spot Elbow Patch: 22 GBP