Get rid of blackheads right at home!

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Nothing pisses me off more than a black spot on my chin that I can’t seem to pop. I end up zooming in on the mirror, squeezing the hell out of my chin, and bleeding before I actually unclog that pore. Is there an easier way to do this without scarring your skin? YES!

Black heads ruin the beauty of your face by attracting attention. Blackheads don’t have to be black, they can also be yellowish white which are then referred to as white heads or closed heads. Both black and white heads are a sign of clogged pores; these pores get clogged with oil secreted from the skin’s natural oil glands. Of course this oil is attracted to dirt from pollution, makeup, perspiration and moisturizers and so irritation or inflammation can occur hence causing acne. The “popping/squeezing” action- as enjoyable as it seems -is actually very dangerous on the skin if not performed correctly. Gentle removal of the heads though is known to prevent further damage to the skin and that’s why gentle squeezing (not using your nails) can help effectively remove the head.

For a quick fix, you can buy blackhead nose strips at the pharmacy that contain a mixture of substances that help peel off the head or visit your nearest spa for a quick facial using a metal extractor (a metal stick with a hole at the end that squeezes the head out) . Also, exfoliating gels or foams containing low concentration Benzoyl Peroxide (exfoliating agent) or Retinoids (skin peelers like Retin-A) are very effective and mild on your skin. Prevention is the key to avoiding blackheads. NEVER sleep with makeup on even if you’re wearing non-comedogenic makeup (makeup that doesn’t cause blackheads and acne) and ALWAYS clean your brushes and makeup tools. Proper diet and three-step skin care regimen can help you avoid these blackheads from running your day.

Are there any home remedies?

Yes, Lemon juice mixed with powdered cinnamon is known to clean your pores over night. Mix both ingredients equally and apply them on your face and leave them overnight. Honey is also a natural ingredient that is very beneficial to your skin. If you apply honey to your skin for 10 minutes daily, your skin will improve greatly. A mixture of baking powder and hot water rubbed on to the skin for a few minutes then washed is a common blackhead extraction method.

After following all these cleansing instructions, pass a cube of ice on your face to close the pores or apply toner.

If all these fail, buy a blackhead extractor tool (shown below). It’ll definitely work better than your nails, and leave a smaller mark.

blackhead removal tool