Goodbye Baking, Hello Sandbagging

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Baking, Sandbagging, Contouring, Highlighting, and the beauty list goes on and on and on… The latest beauty trick that’s trending among makeup artists atm is Sandbagging. Kim Kardashian’s make-up artist reveals the technique that prevents your makeup from creasing and lipstick from bleeding. The reality TV star’s make-up artist Mario Dedivanovic uploaded the method on his instagram, and we haven’t stopped watching it since.

Sandbagging involves dabbing heavy powder under your eyes and around the lips using a beauty blender to create a “dam” that would prevent your makeup from running or “flooding”. There’s nothing new to the technique as it’s a little similar to baking (which sort of revolves around highlighting using loose powder), however sandbagging is just creating a physical barrier- using powder- to set your makeup in and prevent smudging.

Youtube sensation Wayne Goss explains the sandbag technique in the video below.