The Huda Beauty Hack That Will Do More Harm Than Good

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We all love Huda. She’s relatable, funny, and pretty savvy when it comes to beauty hacks. Remember Huda Kattan’s latest “glue pore strip” hack that got everyone, from the Daily Mail to Popsugar, talking about it? Well, sorry ladies, you’ll have to drop this one. According to skincare expert Sharon Hilditch MBE tells the Daily Mail, this specific piece of advice could lead to a severe allergic reaction and even block the pores further more.


‘Not one I would advise,’ Sharon says. ‘Apart from the danger of getting glue in your eyes it could certainly lead to an horrendous allergic reaction. Even the non toxic variety. Glue could also lead to clogging the pores.

‘When we formulate skin care products they have to undertake a whole host of toxicity tests to ensure they are safe to be used on human skin.’
She adds: ‘Anything you apply on the skin has the ability to interact with the skin and therefore I would be very careful of applying wacky new ways to unclog pores. I feel it’s a lot safer to apply a good old-fashioned facial mask to lift our blackheads.’

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