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Kim Kardashian’s new look is Unrecognizable!

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Kim Kardashian strikes again with her first controversial appearance on a magazine cover in 2015, luckily the internet isn’t meant to break with this one. The #BreakTheInternet star, Kim Kardashian, has just appeared with a new look on the cover of the fashion bible: LOVE magazine.

The cover image features Kardashian in a thick multi-color custom Prada fur rap and crop top, but that’s not what’s shocking! The bleached brows trend is here and she’s the one of the first to try it making the reality tv star almost unrecognizable.


“Katie Grand @kegrand dressed me in all vintage and custom Prada for our Love shoot! Can’t wait for these pics,” Kanye West’s wife tweeted on Jan. 3.

This isn’t the first time though that Kim bleached her brows. Here’s a picture of her in November, showing up to her little sister’s birthday party sans dark brows, looking a lot like Jason Biggs in “My best friend’s girl”.



I’m not sure I love the look she’s sporting for Love magazine here where she looks dark and unusually tall, but well, it’s a 30+ page shoot done by Stephen Klein, I’m sure we’ll find something in there to like.
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