Meet the world’s most expensive Halloween costume

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Forget about the slutty Playboy bunny outfit you bought for this year’s Halloween party because just launched a game changer. The award winning costume brand that launched in 2009 has released a bespoke custom fit diamond suit that runs for 1M British Pounds (which is roughly around $1.6M dollars). “If you like bling, shiny things and have £1million lying around, the one and only Million Pound Morph is the morphsuit for you.” well that’s what the description on the Morphsuit says anyway.

If you’re worried you’d stump your toe on a coffee table or run into a wall, MorphCostumes co-founder Gregor Lawson assures that “if you roll the head part down, you can still be covered 90% in diamonds.”. *phew*

The good news is carry cheaper costumes for those of us who don’t have a million pounds to spend.

What do you think of the Million Pound Morph? If you had the money for it, would you buy it?
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