Micaroon: The Emirati Makeup Brand To Watch

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By: Sarah Warda

Tempted to indulge your sweet tooth, or simply longing for makeup that has both style and taste to it? Then check out this “beauty bakery” that is inspired by the delicate French pastery, the macaroon- DUH!

As oddly interesting as the idea may sound, I didn’t hesitate to rush to micaroon’s branch in Dubai Mall, Level 1, and explore this UAE-made top quality range of beauty products and have a quick chat with the founder and owner of micaroon, Ms. Rima Khoreibi.

Ms. Rima was very occupied carefully observing the place and her customers’ choices, also proudly snapping pictures of every inch of the store like a proud mother would of her newborn baby.

After almost an hour of treasure hunting and checking out their extensive range of candylicious products, I finally went home to try out these babies and tell you all about them.

Almost all micaroon products are packaged in bright, colorful pastel containers that resemble macaroons and other yummy candies like popsicles, smores, and cupcakes. The packaging is so playful yet chic that I didn’t really want to even open it. Micaroon makeup offers a variety of lip glosses, lipsticks, eye shadows, blushers and mascaras, that can ALL fit perfectly into your daily makeup routine.
They have the softest mineral cream blushes I’ve tried in a while, they come in numerous shades that perfectly blend into your skin and are very lightweight yet intense which ensures coverage while hydrating your skin, making it a perfect product for fall. My favorite shades were Rosa and Props as they matched my fair skin and gave me a dewy, healthy glow.

Micaroon makeup UAE
Their glamorous lipstick and lip gloss collection will seriously turn heads, I recommend Goddess, Malibu and POS for a more natural look that you can wear for a daytime look.

micaroon makeup UAE

And OH MY! Their eye-popping jet-black mascara gives you volume, length, and definition, you wouldn’t want to try anything else.
Their range of bath products is perfect for that relaxing Thursday night in. From bath bombs (try the Berries) to soaps and best- selling body butters, micaroon will leave you looking and smelling great.

All their cosmetics are manufactured in Dubai, UAE and are sold in 3 different locations across the country. You can also shop their products here.