The Nail Polish Colors Every Woman Should Own

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We buy clothes for our bodies, makeup for our face, and shoes for our feet but what we almost don’t usually care about and neglect most of the time, is our precious nails. Nails should be dressed up too to look pretty and compliment your look. Here are 5 nail polish colors you must have in your makeup kit.
1. Classic red: a timeless shade that works well with every outfit whether formal or casual. A classic red will never go out of style but take care it can make your nails look shorter so don’t apply on short nails. For the brightest color and easy removal, apply an off white base first.
2. A pretty pink: pretty pinks that are popular this season are fuchsia and phosphoric pink shades. They look really sexy with a tan and especially if they have an orange tinge in them. Apply white nail polish as base to make the color pop.
3. A neutral color: neutral colors can range from nude to light pink/white. They are suitable colors to wear on a job interview or any formal meetings, giving you that “barely there” look.
4. Dark colored: dark colors are usually for winter. These include black, navy blue, burgundy or plum. Not everyone likes them and they can’t be pulled off easily. Remember dark colors need maintenance so keep a close eye on them.
5. A happy color: there are some colors that just make you happy. It could be a metallic color, something glittery, or something that “pops” right off your nails. This year’s palette of happy colors include, orange, Tiffany blue, beige, hot pink, salmon pink, glittery nail polish, mushroom taupe and pastel yellow.

Nail polish looks differently inside the bottle so don’t buy anything unless you’ve tried it on first to see if it matches your skin tone or not.