How to style your baby bangs better than Beyonce

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Ever since Queen Bee was spotted in Baby bangs at Charles de Gaulle Airport (after going away on vacay in Paris with the family), the internet froze. Her extremely short bangs spotted on Tuesday spread like Ebola all across social media! Lady Gaga also decided to follow the steps of Beyonce and got herself one too! Baby bangs are definitely a risky look, and very hard to maintain but if you set your mind on getting one, here are three tips to help you survive that mid-bang crisis:

1. Flat iron the shit out of it! If you tend to toss and turn as you sleep (like pretty much everyone on the planet), your flat iron is your best friend. Get a mini/ travel size flat iron with ceramic plates to effectively curl your bangs into place. If you’ve over-curled, make sure to use a bristle brush to un-curl the bangs a little.

2. Dry shampoo. Baby bangs tend to get greasy from the roots due to long exposure to air, so make sure you invest in a good dry shampoo (My favorite is Boots or Batiste) and fluff those bangs up every morning.

3. Bobby pin it to the ground. After you’ve taken your shower, comb your bangs into place and blow dry them immediately. Don’t let them air-dry, you won’t like what you see. After you’re done blow drying them with a mini bristle brush, secure your bangs into place for an hour using bobby pins.

Make sure before you commit to the Jim Carrey, Gaga, and Beyonce bangs, you consult your hair stylist, they’d give you solid advice on what would work with your texture. Remember, not all trends look good on everyone. They don’t even look good on Beyonce!