The Beauty App That Will Save You Hundreds of Dollars

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We all love the pendant lipsticks from Louboutin, the Dior Rouge Noir nail polish, and almost everything Nuxe ever created, but most of us don’t have the Kim Kardashian status quo to run off to Sephora and buy it all. If you’re half of the beauty fan we think you are, man are you gonna love this nail polish app!

This new iOS app called SuperDuper is on a mission to match the entire makeup universe to their drugstore alternatives. Think $40 Chanel Le Vernis polish down to its $9 counterpart from The Body Shop. All the colors on SuperDuper are manually tested by the creator of the app herself, Lizzy Klein. Klein was at a Sephora when she started wondering about the one question we’ve all asked ourselves at one point, “what if I could find less expensive versions of these high-end products at the drug store”? And here we are.

All you have to do is download the app (Click here) and select the name of the nail polish brand you want to find the dupe for. After that, pick your color, and sit back while you think of 5 ways to spend the $30 you just saved.

Of course not all nail polishes are the same and quality really does matter in terms of wear, drying time, and finish, but it definitely won’t hurt to save up a little from time to time.

We’re excited to see SuperDuper match the Naked Makeup Palette, are you?