The Micaroon Fab 5 Review

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By: Sarah Warda

50 shades of grey or 5 shades of fab? Micaroon’s Fab 5 lipstick tubes are probably the only 5 shades you’ll want to wear this winter. Micarooners were not joking when they decided to launch a collection of ONLY 5 shades of satin matte lipstick tubes and call them the Fab 5, cause tell you what? They are indeed fabulous!
The 5-shade lipstick range is more than enough to cover your whole wardrobe in terms of color, diversity, and style.
These fellas will not only save you time on choosing which lippie to wear today but will also allow you to count on them for long wear and definition. Being highly pigmented, you won’t need to run to the bathroom in the middle of your hot date for touch-ups. Match your pout to your outfit with these Micaroon Fab 5 shades:
Nude in Petra for a natural, bronze look (my favorite).
Pink in A3 for a morning fresh and feminine look.
Dark Vamp-maroonish in “1174” (which is great for a vampy, winter lip that stands out).
Orangy red in “Capri” and Cherry red in “Wonder woman” for two intense yet confident shades of red.
The Micaroon Fab 5 Review
If you suffer from cracked, dry winter lips, satin finish lipsticks are definitely for you. Their creamy, hydrating formula is smooth and moisturizing, allowing the color to sit beautifully on your lips.
Tip: For a more even pout, make sure you scrub your lips once a week with lip balm and a soft toothbrush.