Tips and Review of the M.A.C Casual Color lip and Cheek Color

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Not all of us are fortunate enough to have Rosie Huntington-Whiteley’s gorgeous complexion and all natural flushed cheeks and rosy lips. However, lucky for us, M.A.C introduced Casual Colour Lip & Cheek Colour to give us that perpetual glow we’ve all dreamed of. In my opinion, the multipurpose lip and cheek stain is the best on the market. It could be a bit tricky to apply lip and cheek stains in general but with these tips here, you’ll get the best results:

Pick the right color: picking the right color could be a bit tricky. The stains looks darker than they are in their bottles so make sure to test out a sample of the product on your skin to see if the hues match or not.

Prep: this is the most important step when applying lip and cheek stains. Exfoliate your face with a fine scrub to slough off dead skin. Moisturize your skin or apply your liquid foundation before you put on the cheek stain. If you’re using powder foundation, apply the stain before the powder.

Application: if you’re new into this, apply the stain using a small fiber brush. Stroke a small amount of stain on to your cheeks and blend quickly before product dries out. Another way to apply is using your fingertips. Smile, apply a small amount of stain on to your cheeks, and spread out evenly using your fingers. If you’ve applied too much, lighten that by using loose powder over it for a more natural finish.

The reason why I love the M.A.C Casual Color lip and cheek color is because it’s long lasting (lasts for about 7 hours on the cheek, and 3 on the lips), it’s versatile, doesn’t wipe off easily, and it’s creamy texture makes it easy to use.

The M.A.C Casual Color lip and cheek color collection comes in 8 different colors and in a pretty 13 ML package that lasts forever.