Video: Five Arab Designers who ROCKED Paris Couture Week

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Paris, the Capital of Fashion, holds the most glamorous event of the year and that is Paris Couture Week. What better way to start the fashion season?! The extravagance, drama, and glamour of Paris Couture Week is truly unparalleled. With tens of designers showcasing their year’s hard work, hundreds of people gathered in the name of fashion, and thousands of people drooling on red carpet pieces of art, it doesn’t get more exciting than this. For us Arabs though it does. Being an Arab makes it a challenge to excel in anything let alone fashion, and seeing one of our own mastering what they do, shines a ray of light and optimism into our hearts. Here are, not one, but FIVE Arab fashion designers who KILLED at Paris Couture Week (not literally though..):

Elie Saab:

My ultimate favorite collection of Paris Couture Week this Spring was from the one and only Elie Saab. Despite not needing to play the “I’m Lebanese” card, throughout his career, Elie Saab managed to position himself as one of the best designers of both the Arab and Western world ever since Halle Berry won an Academy Award for best actress in one of his dresses back in 2002.

halle berry 2002 academy award dress


Check out his runway show in Video courtesy of Elie Saab‘s channel:


Zuhair Murad:

Every single dress in this collection screamed “I DO”. Most of the dresses were bridal white, shimmery, and came in an array of different styles to suit different body types. From peplum jackets, to sheer body suits, to thigh-high slits and long trailing gowns, Zuhair Murad presented dresses that are sure to be seen on celebs like J LO and Beyonce. Were they too “commercial” and generic? Yes,but that doesn’t mean they weren’t successful.

Check out his runway show in Video courtesy of Fashion Channel:

Rami Kadi:

Rami Kadi’s dresses were hypnotic, I’m surprised the audience didn’t fall asleep. The futuristic collection featuring hologram strips sewn onto what appears to be mostly PVC and other stiff fabrics, reflected light to create amazing graphic and hypnotic shapes. All the dresses were shiny,  metallic, and “Back to the Future”-esque featured in monochromes.  Here’s an example:

rami kadi spring 2015 couture

Georges Hobeika:

Spring came early this year with Georges Hobeika’s Spring 2015 collection for Paris Couture Week. The collection featuring floral embroidery, dainty pastels, and 50’s silhouettes, was something out of an old Soaad Husny movie. There were a lot of delicate/ shimmery fabrics, waist belts, and hand-sewn flowers which made the collection a beautiful one all together.

Check out his runway show in Video courtesy of Fashion Channel:


Rami Al Ali:

For the seventh time, Rami Al Ali shows his collection in Paris, and let me tell you, this is by far his most successful one. The neutral collection of 15 dresses inspired by Japanese culture, showed intricate tailoring with the finest attention to details. This “doily” dress here is my favorite because it layers a laser-cut fabric over a beaded sheer tulle skirt.